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Hazards, Vulnerability and Risk Assessment using Analytical Hierarchy Process in ArcGIS

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·How to download Landsat Satellite Images according to specified criteria, 

·How to clip Landsat 8 Satellite Image with different methods (Clip).

·How to produce Composite Satellite Image using bands of Landsat 8 satellite image, 

·Examination of different band combinations of Landsat 8 satellite image, 

·How to make supervised classification by using the composite images. 

·How to make unsupervised classification 

·LULC Classification by Machine learning method 

·How to convert vector datasets from the raster data 

·How to make accuracy analysis for supervised classification. 

·How to make vegetation density using Leaf Area Index 

·How to improve the spatial resolution of the Landsat 8 image with a spatial resolution of 30 * 30 m by using the pan-sharpened method, 

·Image Processing,

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Originally published October 09, 2021