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Mastering ArcGIS: From Beginner to Expert

This online course offers a comprehensive learning experience that takes learners from the basics to a mastery level of ArcGIS. With hands-on exercises, real-world examples, and expert instruction, this course is designed to equip learners with the skills and knowledge needed to become proficient in ArcGIS. By enrolling in this course, learners will gain a competitive edge in the job market and have the opportunity to work with one of the most widely used GIS software packages in the industry.

ABOUT Online Course

Are you interested in learning the fundamentals of ArcGIS? Do you want to understand how to use ArcGIS software to create maps, analyze data, and solve real-world problems? If so, this course is perfect for you!

ArcGIS is a powerful geographic information system (GIS) software used by professionals in a variety of fields to analyze and visualize spatial data. Understanding how to use ArcGIS can be a valuable skill for individuals working in fields such as geography, environmental science, urban planning, and many others.

An online workshop on Mastering ArcGIS: From Beginner to Expert is an excellent way for individuals to learn how to use this software, regardless of their level of experience. The workshop is typically divided into several modules that cover the basics of ArcGIS, including data management, data visualization, and data analysis.

In the initial stages of the workshop, participants are introduced to the ArcGIS interface and learn how to import data into the software. This is followed by a module on data management, where participants learn how to organize and manage their data within ArcGIS.

The workshop then progresses to cover more advanced topics such as data visualization, where participants learn how to create maps and visualize their data in meaningful ways. The final module of the workshop focuses on data analysis, where participants learn how to use the various analysis tools within ArcGIS to gain insights from their data.

Throughout the course, you'll have access to hands-on exercises and real-world examples to help you apply what you've learned. You'll also have access to our experienced instructors, who can answer your questions and provide guidance as you work through the material.

1. Overview ArcGIS 2. Datum and Projection 3. Data Types, Heads-up Digitization 4. Symbology & Labelling 5. Spatial Data Input and Editing6. Introduction to Database Management 7. Raster data 8. Vector data 9. Data Conversion 10. Sampling 11. Proximity 12. Geostatistical Analysis 13. Advanced Map Layout


Course Curriculum

  • 1. Accessing and Displaying Spatial Data in ArcGIS
  • 2. Finding and identifying Features and Values in ArcGIS Desktop
  • 3. Making Selections in ArcGIS
  • 4. Zooming and Measuring
  • 5. Working With Different Coordinate Systems in ArcGIS
  • 1. Datum and Coordinate System
  • 2. Identify UTM Zone
  • 3. Projections and Transformations
  • 4. Creating, Managing Geo-Database
  • 1. Vector and Raster Data
  • 2. Non-Spatial Data (CSV)
  • 3. Creating Vector Files and Data Collection
  • 4. Attribute Table Creation/Editing, Join Table
  • 5.Attribute table (Join Table & Spatial Query (By Location and Attribute)
  • 1.Introduction to Symbolization
  • 2. Single Symbol, Unique Value
  • 3. Graduated Colours, Proportional Symbol
  • 4. Dot Density, Chart
  • 5. Heat Map
  • 6. Making a map with labels
  • 7. Displaying dynamic labels
  • 8. Reference scale
  • 9. Controlling which features are labeled
  • 10. Controlling where labels are placed
  • 11. Converting labels to annotation
    • 1. Introduction to Spatial datasets
    • 2. Topology & Error Checking
    • 3. Basic Spatial Adjustment
    • 1. Displaying Raster Data in ArcGIS
    • 2. Merge Rasters in ArcGIS
    • 3. Band Arithmetic in ArcGIS Desktop
    • 4. Reclassify a Raster in ArcGIS Desktop
    • 5 Resample a Raster in ArcGIS
    • 6. Topographic Calculations in ArcGIS Desktop
    • 7. Clip a Raster to the Extent of a Polygon in ArcGIS Desktop
  • 8. Zonal Statistics
  • 9. Extract Raster Values to Points
  • 10. Geo-referencing a Raster in ArcGIS Desktop
    • 1.Exploratory Data Analysis with Shapefile Attributes in ArcGIS Desktop
    • 2. Basic Graphing of Shapefile Attributes in ArcGIS Desktop
    • 3. Spatial Join with Tabular Data
    • 4. Spatial Joins in ArcGIS Based on Spatial Location
    • 5. Create Choropleth Maps
    • 6. Split Shapefiles Using ArcGIS
    • 7. Clip Shapefile in ArcGIS
  • 8. Intersection of Shapefiles in ArcGIS
  • 9. Add Buffer Areas to Shapefiles in ArcGIS Desktop
  • 10. Merge and Append Shapefiles in ArcGIS Desktop
  • 11. Dissolve Shapefiles in ArcGIS
  • 12. Calculate Shapefile Geometry in ArcGIS
    • 1. Raster to ASCII
    • 2. Raster to Polygon
    • 3. KML to Layer
    • 4. Layer to KML
    • 5. Feature to Raster
    • 6. Create Fishnet and Random point
    • 7. Buffer and Multiring Buffer
    • 8. Create Thiessen Polygons
    • 1. Euclidean Distance Raster Generation in ArcGIS Desktop
    • 2. Compute Line Density in ArcGIS
    • 3. Compute Point Density in ArcGIS
    • 4. Kernel Density for Linear and Point Features in ArcGIS
    • 5. Interpolation of Point Data
    • 6. Mapping Spatial Clusters in ArcGIS Desktop
    • 7. Geographically Weighted Regression
    • 1. How to Add Chart in Map
    • 2. Title and Dynamic Text
    • 3. Legend
    • 4. Neatline
    • 5. North Arrow
  • 6. Scale Bar
  • 7. Scale Text
  • 8. Picture and Object
  • 9. How to Add Attribute Table in Map Layout
  • 10. Save in Map Package
  • 11. Preparation of final layout
  • Benefit of Online Certificate Course

    1. The workshop helps participants develop their ArcGIS skills from beginner to expert level. 
    2. The workshop covers various ArcGIS functionalities, including data management, analysis, visualization, and sharing.
    3. Instructors continuous support, taking your hand step-by-step to develop high-quality prediction maps using real data
    4. Live WhatsApp Chatting with instructor
    5. 1:1 Sessions with experts
    6. Lifetime subscription
    7. Any time watch recorded video

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